CEO's Message

At Al Badri Group, we fully realize that success is the result of hard work, accumulation of experience, seizing opportunities and employing capabilities in the right place.
Since the beginning in 1982, we founded the group on a logical vision with clear goals and flexibility in implementation. This vision is largely based on harmony with the plans and visions of the country’s national economy.
Among these national visions is Oman Vision 2040. Through which we ensure: steady progress, overcoming challenges, increasing returns, and keeping pace with regional and global changes. We hope to maintain the trust of our customers, whether public or private sector institutions.
Today, as Al Badri Group we look forward eagerly to a great future that awaits us if we remain steadfast in our vision, adhere to our principles, work with redoubled effort and taking advantage of the opportunities resulting from international, regional and local changes.
Mr. Monther Rashid Abdullah Al Badri Chief
- Executive Officer of Al Badri Group

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