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AL BADRI LOGISTICS SERVICES LLC is officially registered in the Sultanate of Oman. We proudly stand as one of the foremost shipping and logistics companies, backed by extensive experience in services such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, project logistics, road transportation, ship agency, and various related activities involved in the import and export of shipments across all seaports and airport border customs within the Sultanate of Oman.
Here are some key points about us:
- AL Badri Logistics Services LLC is a valued part of the Al Badri Group, which was originally established in 1982 within the Sultanate of Oman.
- Our journey began in 2012, and we have since evolved into one of the nation's leading shipping and forwarding companies, offering a comprehensive array of services, including shipping, freight forwarding, transportation, logistics, and marine services throughout Oman.
- We are strategically positioned to serve at multiple ports in Oman, including Sohar, Muscat, Salalah, Suwaiq, and Duqm."

We serve all major Ports in Oman:

Al Badri Logistics Services LLC has been actively involved at Major Ports in Oman providing ships Agency, Stevedoring and Transportation and customs Clearance.

• Sohar
• Salalah
• Sultan Qaboos
• Suwaiq
• Duqm
• Shinas
• Muscat Airport
• UAE Border
• Saudi Arab Border
• Yemen Border

Network and Equipment

Team and Network: We have strong well experienced Sales and Operations team strength to support and cover customers’ needs within time bound schedule. We have very strong global network with 10,289 member offices in 193 countries around the world, registered with WCA associated networks globally.

Equipment: We own 30 units of transportation carrier of which six are PDO approved apart from 18 mtr & low beds. Trailers heads are interacted with GPS system. Loading and unloading with own Crane and Forklift.

Logistics Services:

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE & GOVERNMENT PERMITS : Our dedicated team of professionally skilled team clear shipments efficiently from all customs office viz air, sea and border ports.

LAND TRANSPORTATION : Deliveries to destinations worldwide, be it’s a project cargo or warehouse delivery or pick up.

FREIGHT FORWARDING SERVICES: Our Global Network help our clients to avail our services with the most suitable and reliable carrier of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Road Freight

PROJECT LOGISTICS : Out of gauge and heavy cargo are delivered safely and on time with strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

Marine Service:

SHIPS AGENCY : Ships agency to handle wide range of vessels at Omani Ports.

HUSBANDRY SERVICES : Efficient husbandry services from crew changes to supplies delivery.

PROTECTING AGENCY : Efficient supervision of your vessel and monitoring port calls.

DRY DOCKING and LAUNCH SERVICES : Dry docking support from crew, provision and spares part handling

STEVEDORING : Unloading/Loading of Dry Bulk Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Crane and Shifting of Cargo to Storage Area at Port / Warehouse handling with a fleet of Trucks and Trailers, Dumpers, Grabs, Forklifts and professional labor gangs. Shore Cranes with lifting Capacity up to 100 Tons.

We handle your shipments

1. Oil & Gas
2. Metal and Mining
3. Food and Beverages
4. Electrical & Electronics
5. Manufacturing, Machines
6. Consumer Goods, Furniture
7. Chemicals
8. Medical and Pharmaceutical, Others.